LOCAL NEWS Down Hatherley and environs

17 OCT 2018

IMPORTANT Parish Council Meeting on 7th November AIRPORT.

James Head, Head of Operations, Gloucestershire Airport Ltd., and Jennie Lyons, a senior flight instructor will be attending this meeting to give an overview of the airport’s operation and address issues raised by the Parish Council and parishioners directly.

Residents will be able to engage in direct discussions with the airport authorities. Many of our residents have issues over noise pollution, low flying outside of the flight paths, and feel written complaints are just ignored.

The alleged ‘near miss’ of two aircraft several years ago will be discussed as well as the failure of the two pilots to report the incident.

This is a perfect opportunity to become directly involved, and express your points of view.

Please pass on this information to any of your older neighbours, who may not be online, but have strong feelings about the airport.

All residents are entitled to attend any and all Parish Council meetings.

01 SEP 2018