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“ If I may explain in a little more detail my reasons for mentioning the airport in our last inTouch leaflet as a possible alternative localtion for housing. I grew up on air bases as my father was in the RAF, so aircraft and aircraft noise doesn’t bother me or cloud my viewpoint.

The three local councils Tewkesbury, Cheltenham and Gloucester have been tasked with building 35,000 new dwellings and have come up with a combined plan they call the Joint Core Strategy (JCS). In this they currently plan 3,500 dwellings to meet Gloucester City’s need in the greenbelt/flood plain between Churchdown and Gloucester, both sides of Cheltenham Road East (by the fire station and up to John Daniel’s) for 1,100 and off Innsworth Lane for 1,300 more with 995 just north of that. I believe these developments are flooding risks and would clog up Innsworth Lane, Cheltenham Road East and Pirton Lane virtually bringing Churchdown to a standstill.

In my opinion a ‘Garden Village’ with direct access to the A40 is a preferable option (although I would be happier if we didn’t have to do either). This would increase revenue for the local Council’s and the public transport advantages would be huge.

The airport site is big enough to take much of the housing currently proposed at Innsworth, Twigworth and Churchdown. it is afar better location with it being next to the A40 and the main commuter routes. It doesn’t flood. It would not use up green belt agricultural land. It’s location is in a part of the greenbelt now heavily degraded by existing and proposed developments, including on the airport site itself.

I would also like to stress that this article is my opinion and, although supported by some, is not necessarily the view of all Churchdown Conservative councillors or the Conservative Party in Tewkesbury

It is an option I believe people should be aware of and I wanted to gauge public opinion (hence the feedback request). Rest assured that I will continue to fight against these other
developments as I too live in Churchdown and wish to protect it from becoming part of Gloucester’s urban sprawl. "