21 FEBRUARY 2018



What is the alternate media?

Nowadays, we hear the cries of 'fake news' to suppress alternative news sources and different viewpoints. The 'alt media' attempts to correct this imbalance. It treats the reader intelligently, and recognises that the reader is quite capable of making their own mature judgments on any subject.

The definition of 'fake news' has been expanded from being outright lies to now include telling an inconvenient truth.

The Main Stream Media (MSM) only partially report on news items (they call it editing) and suppress more news items than they ever did before. The MSM fail to check their news sources and mostly sing from the same hymn sheet.

As Down Hatherley is such a small village, the editor will use this single page to link to news articles, in the ‘alt media’, from anywhere in the world to broaden our outlook and horizons.

What is the definition of the word 'imminent' ?

Following the assassination of Iranian military commander General Qassem Soleimani, once again, former ambassador Craig Murray nails the lies and deceptions being pursued by governments.

The word 'imminent' no longer means 'to happen soon', but has been distorted to justify a whole series of illegal acts.

Link to article: Lies, the Bethlehem Doctrine, and the illegal Murder of Soleimani

British Sense of Fair Play Lost

While the MSM pushes the narrative that Russia has interfered in the US Presidential election, Brexit and now the French yellow vest protests, it was interesting to see that the UK has been actively engaged in disinformation campaigns through the charities Integrity Initiative and
Institute for Statecraft. The whole scenario was blown apart by a dump of documents from the hacktivist group Anonymous in November 2018.

On the 12th December 2018, after Prime Ministers Question Time, Sir Alan Duncan MP answered questions from Emily Thornberry MP about Integrity Initiative.

See the House of Commons Hansard

It was stated that none of the funding was used for the purposes of disinformation within the UK.
The hacktivist group then released part 3 of it’s document dump showing that Jeremy Corbyn was
indeed targeted.

Can we expect Sir Alan Duncan to apologise for misleading the house, inadvertently or wrongly briefed by civil servants, and resign (the Amber Rudd precedent)?

Background documents for further reading:

Craig Murray’s website: article

Moon of Alabama website: MOA article 1
MOA article 2

UK Government Petitions

As most UK readers are aware, the Government set up a corner of their web site for petitions from the electorate.

When the signatures reach 10,000, the Government will come back with a written reponse. When the petition reaches 100,000, the Government will discuss it with MPs. This does not mean the floor of the House of Commons, but a committee room with a handful of MPs. These MPs can then refer it to the HOC chamber.

Not that they will take any notice of it. The petition against the state visit of Donald Trump had over 1,500,000 signatures and was ignored.

The red hot petition currently collecting the most signatures per hour is about Brexit - leave the EU without a deal in March 2019. The written response displays an arrogance typical of the Theresa May government. Decide for yourselves whether to sign it or not.

See https://petition.parliament.uk/petitions/229963


We are all receiving our news from the normal main stream media sources.

However, there are independent sites such UK Column broadcasting podcasts on subjects the MSM and UK government would rather forget. These podcasts are streamed live at 1:00pm on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays.

For example, do you know who Melanie Shaw is? Do you know what iicsa is?

Did you know that, while the UK is preoccupied with Brexit, the UK government is fully integrating our Armed Forces into the EU military unification (or EU defence union)? Our Armed Forces will be under the command of the EU. The EU can dictate what equipment we buy for our Armed Forces.

MPs have been gagged, and will not discuss this openly.

Please wake up and see how your UK government really operates.

Here is a link to one of the latest podcasts,


The full news archive is available at


How Alfie died: all the facts

The events leading up to the death of Alfie Evans. It is to the shame of the MSM that accurate reporting is not covered in the UK. Warning: this article is quite distressing.

See the article view here

Skripal: A Russian web or a RUSI web?

A background to the Skripal affair - reads just like a John le Carré novel.
There are links in this article to the Zinoviev Letter about Russia interfering in the British parliamentary elections of 1924 and how it took 70 years for the letter to be officially confirmed to be a fake by the British government.

See the article view here

The Skripal Affair: A lie too far?

Another excellent analysis of the Skripal affair.

See the article view here

Of a type developed by liars.

Former British Ambassador Craig Murrray truth bombs the Russian 'nerve agent' agenda of your British government in the Skripal case.

See the article view here

Some people think fake news is a twenty-first century concept.

Here is a well researched lengthy article about revisionist historians and the first world war.
There are plenty of academic links to follow.

See the article view here

Julian Assange loses appeal against arrest warrant.

See former British Ambassador Craig Murray’s in depth analysis view here

Ryan Bundy's Opening Statement:
"This Is Not What America Is Supposed To Be…"

This was the opening statement from one of the Bundy Ranch Trials. As you may be aware this was about cattle grazing rights and an armed stand off at the Bundy ranch.

It is interesting to note that two of the Bundy trials were dismissed by the judge because the prosecution withheld evidence from the defence team about the deployment of sharp-shooters.

See the article view here