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TO: Citizen letters

FROM: Twigworth Parish Council

Below is a letter and attached are photos (one follows) in response to Hitchins' 'Land Does not Flood' letter in the Citizen of 6 June.

Caption for photo HF5: A location proposed by Hitchins for housing in Twigworth, under water after just one heavy downpour in April 2016. This pluvial flooding is on the lip of the flood plain which causes fluvial flooding around the adjacent area.


Andrew Hill of Hitchins previously told the Citizen that their application land at Twigworth doesn't flood (November 2015). But we who live in Twigworth pointed out that the Hitchins floodrisk map of Twigworth, which they presented with their planning application, was wrong.1 Householders were evacuated for many months from houses shown on the Hitchins map to have a minimum possible flood risk. One couple who live next to the area that Hitchins want to develop were flooded out of their 'minimum risk' house for more than a year.

We also asked Mr Hill to show us flood defences which work in conditions like ours: heavily saturated and ponded clay soils at virtually no gradient to the river floodwater just yards away.

Mr Hill did not pick up on either point. His company is happy enough to go through the motions with their public exhibitions, but has made no attempt to address the actual concerns of the people of this village voiced again and again, of pluvial flooding combined with the adjacent fluvial floodwaters.

Is it too cynical to wonder if Hitchins are still working off their supposed flood-free map because it tells a more convenient story? In his latest 6 June letter Mr Hill thanks the Citizen for the chance to put the record straight. It is high time Hitchins put their records straight.

1 Hitchins map: Risk of flooding from Surface Water': Environmental Statement Vol.2, Technical Appendix, Section 11, 5.4.2, p.24.

Twigworth Parish Council

Response to JCS Inspector’s Interim statement regarding “at least 750 dwellings at Twigworth”.

Briefing from the Parish Councils of Down Hatherley, Norton, Twigworth
The three Parish Councils are shocked and alarmed at the JCS Inspector’s 31 May statement proposing "at least" 750 dwellings at Twigworth.

The Parish Councils highlight the following points:

The JCS examination has not examined Twigworth. Yet the Inspector makes a remarkable claim that Twigworth is an “obvious choice”. Such wording should not be part of an Inspector’s vocabulary. There appears to be no evidence from the Examination to justify this assertion.

No engagement has occurred with the Parish and community representatives of Twigworth, despite their approach to the JCS Secretariat in autumn 2015, to explain the Neighbourhood development Plan in preparation for this area, and a pledge that this would be scheduled.

The three Parish Councils have worked with Tewkesbury Borough Council for over three years preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan which is soon to emerge for public consultation. The JCS Inspector has completely overlooked an emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan but has taken notice of a developer’s speculation in the Green Belt.

Tewkesbury Borough Council emphatically refused a speculative application for 725+ dwellings on the land in February 2016.
The JCS Inspector made an interim announcement in December 2015, which included the possibility of land at Twigworth being considered for inclusion in the JCS. The statement said she looked for the local authority to respond with a view on this. The February 2016 refusal from TBC gave the JCS Inspector a formal and decisive response.

There is demonstrable flood risk in the area proposed in Twigworth, especially from pluvial flooding along the lip of the flood plain. Houses adjacent to the proposed development have been flooded in recent heavy rain events, with houses vacated for several months as a result of pluvial flooding. It is ironic that proposed land for housing at Leckhampton has recently been refused on appeal largely on the grounds of traffic impact and flood risk. The demonstrable traffic impacts and flood risk at Twigworth are significantly more severe.

Twigworth development would create traffic chaos along the the A38, at Longford Roundabout, and at key junctions in Churchdown. It would make the areas rural roads unviable. The area’s rural roads would be unviable, and nearby villages including Down Hatherley and Sandhurst would be even more prone to rat-running, endangering walkers, cyclists and horse riders. The JCS Inspector refers to traffic modelling which is 4 years out of date. Updated traffic modelling and forecasts are due in September 2016 to properly inform the JCS.