Tewkesbury Borough Council meeting on 5 December 2017

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12 JANUARY 2018


I work hard to try to protect the Green Belt and to
avoid inappropriate developments from taking place,
including in flood risk areas. I am holding a debate in
the House of Commons regarding planning, housing
and the Green Belt and will continue to fight to
preserve our countryside, while ensuring that we have
the right kind of developments in the right places.

Sourced from: 2018 Annual Newsletter from Laurence Robertson MP
Conservative Member of Parliament for Tewkesbury

11 JANUARY 2018

Government Equalities Office - Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme

Please see below details about the Women’s Vote Centenary Grant Scheme, which is a £1.5 million government fund that will support local and community groups across England in celebrating the centenary of women gaining the right to vote

In summary,

Approximately 150 Small Grants of between £300 to £2,000 for grassroots projects to run small-scale events and activities to celebrate the centenary of women gaining the vote. There will be three bidding rounds during 2018.
Up to 30 Large Grants of between £2,000 and £125,000. These will fund projects that increase the understanding of, and engagement with, democracy, and encourage women to participate in public life. There will be two bidding rounds during 2018.

Should you know of organisations in your communities that could benefit from the fund please look at the follow link for further information.


Nick Morrall CMgr, MCMI
Learning Coordinator

Adult Education in Gloucestershire
Gloucestershire County Council
4-6 Commercial Road

[email protected]


21 DECEMBER 2017

Robert Hitchins Planning Appeals Allowed

Twigworth Planning Appeal view here

Innsworth Planning Appeal view here

11 DECEMBER 2017

Cheltenham Borough Council unaminously votes to approve the JCS


Tewkesbury Borough Council – JCS MEETING 5th DECEMBER 2017

Once again the shape-shifting reptiles at Tewkesbury Borough Council have voted (23-11 with one abstention) to approve the Joint Core Strategy with the inclusion of Twigworth, and create a swamp to propagate their species.

The ‘Wizard of Oz’ was in the chamber, but chose to keep silent and just make eye contact for his sidekick, Matt Barker, to spring up and answer questions.

This time around nobody said the plan was ‘sound and deliverable’, nobody mentioned ‘traffic’.

The ‘New Homes Bonus’ enthralled the JCS supporters with suggestions that it could be lost as easily as a lottery ticket.

But, of course, the ‘loss of power’ was the frightener - the old howl that haphazard developments would happen anywhere with the council unable to influence them. Nowadays, every developer knows that a council is unable to risk losing a judicial appeal and end up paying the costs. Wow!

The power they sought was more like Fascism, the “something not desirable” – it starts out benevolent and quickly turns ugly. Democracy and the will of the councillors voting would prevail – Democracy being the only alternative to Fascism. There are only 164 households in Twigworth - sacrificed for this illusion of democracy. Power, when you have lost the trust and respect of the people, is worthless. Local government has been shown for the sham it is.

The evening had its lighter moments. Mark Williams asked the question,
“What happens if we have serious floods before the houses are built?”.
Matt Barker answered, “The situation would be assessed at the time”.
The obvious next question quickly followed.
“What happens if we have serious floods after the houses are built?”.
{pause} And Legal interjected “the house owners insurance would pay”.
TBC would not pay up. Nobody asked about the annual levy house owners would be expected to cough up for flood mitigation works.

Phil Awford already seeing that the battle on the day would be lost had introduced ‘Additional Recommendation 6’ to preserve the safeguarded land in the green belts of Down Hatherley, Norton, NW Cheltenham, and Twigworth. This he achieved at the cost of being forced to vote in favour of the JCS at the end – a legal requirement. However it did force a 10 minute recess.

Many councillors made impassioned speeches to keep Twigworth out of the plan, and the crass stupidity of using green belt land in a flood plain. Each speaker received rounds of applause from the audience in the public gallery.

I have nothing to say about councillor Vines and councillor Waters.

The meeting now came around to mention of the Secretary of State.
(The Rt Hon. Laurence Robertson, MP for Tewkesbury, had earlier asked the Secretary of State to call-in the JCS).

Sajid Javid must now hold the record for the quickest and shortest response from any Secretary of State. He said, “NO” - at least he kept his two-letter reply polite.

At 7:37pm, the move to vote was proposed and seconded.

The voting proceeded quickly leaving little time for the names and how they voted to be recorded.

It was apparent the JCS had prevailed.

The public gallery, who had been very, very well-behaved, now erupted, and stopped the proceedings with cries and shouts of shame at the councillors.

Special mention should be made of Helen Ford, the chair of Twigworth Parish Council, and ought to be recorded in the actual council minutes for posterity.

Here we had a Parish Councillor addressing the council from aloft in the gallery like a school headmistress dressing down a morning assembly of unruly pupils. Their parents would be ashamed of them.

Someone yelled out, “How do you sleep at night!”.

The retort from below was, “Very well, thank you”, showing the sheer contempt to the council tax payers that provide their jobs and voters who vote them into office.

George Hedley

hard copy of editorial view/download here

additional recommendation 6 view/download here

Memorable quote from the JCS Inspector, Ms Elizabeth Ord

"Does it flood here?"

Try to imagine the following photographs are showing green belt fields instead of flood waters


Important meeting of Tewkesbury Borough Council

On Tuesday, 5th of December at 5:30pm, Tewkesbury Borough Council will meet in the Council Chamber to debate the issue of the Joint Core Strategy, and vote on whether to accept or reject it.

This will have a calamitous effect on the parish of Twigworth, and cause severe infrastructural problems in all the nearby parishes.

The 164 households in Twigworth are well aware of the issues of saturating the flood plain with excessive housing – they are being ignored.

See and read the evidence that follows.

A senior floods expert, a Professor of Hydrology, has his say on the problems facing Twigworth.

Observations on the Hydrology of Twigworth - Ian Cluckie view/download here

The authorities are not up to speed with level of flood risk in Twigworth.

Twigworth Flood Threats - The Village Evidence view/download here

Nor do the authorities want to know it. The management at Tewkesbury Borough Council have sought to massage the message to voting councillors on the pretext of a 'fresh, independent and impartial flood review'. See the correspondence from these Freedom of Information requests.

TBC Management – FOI view/download here

To make the infrastructure sound, 53 projects require funding. The next round of bidding for funds starts in 2021, where these projects have to compete against similar projects up and down the country – seriously, is this likely to funded in it’s entirety.

Please attend and support us at this meeting !

COUNCILLOR GRAHAM BOCKING has petitioned the Government

about building on flood plains.
Please read and support his petition (here)

The latest SEVERN VALE COMMUNITY newsletter can be read (here)