Down Hatherley Parish Council

The Down Hatherley Parish Council meets approximately monthly. Minutes of their meetings are posted on noticeboards around the village and will also be available below.

Contact Information:

David Bayley (Clerk) [email protected] (01452) 501796

Dave Evans (Chair) [email protected] (01452) 730729

Other members:

Roger Fox [email protected] (01452) 731986

Rick Minter [email protected] (01452) 739142

June Watt [email protected]

Borough Councillor: Graham Bocking [email protected] 07719 723792

County Councillor: Phillip Awford [email protected] (01452) 840126


(1) Present: Mr D.Evans(Chairman), Mr R.Fox, June Watt and 4 members of the public.
(2) Apologies: Mr R.Minter, Cllr.Bocking(Boro’Cllr.)
(3) Chairman’s Opening Remarks: Thanks were due to Mr G.Hedley in facilitating the claim for a refund from the Government’s Transparency Fund for the website’s £72 registration cost. Also sincere thanks to County Councillor Phillip Awford and Borough Councillor Bocking for their successful stand at the October 25th Borough Council meeting resulting in Twigworth being withdrawn as a JCS strategic development site.
(4) Members of the Public: No questions.
(5) Minutes of the Last Meeting: These were circulated in advance & were signed as correct
(6) Matters Arising from the Minutes: (i) Following an eMail, the Manor had quickly cut away an overhanging branch which was obscuring the approach sign to the chicane.
(ii) The two ‘Correx’ printed “Lorry Watch” signs had been framed for rigidity & awaited the councillors’ decision as to where best to locate them.
(7) Declarations of Interest: None.
(8) County and Borough Councillors’ Reports: Not available.

(9) Roads, Pavements & Footpaths: Deterioration of road near Dowty corner… Recent rain had rapidly worsened the scabbing & there was now at least one seriously dangerous pothole.
The clerk was asked to report this for a second time.
Meeting on October 11th with Highways officials…
Two members of the public and representatives from Norton had attended. It was felt that the
Highways personnel listened carefully to all that was put to them then provided the following advice/decisions:
* The previously proposed D.Hath. / Norton the “gateway” was approved & awaited decisions on design and sign wordage.
* There could be no double white lines along the A38 towards Norton; the straightness of the road
disallowed it under traffic regulations, but a red ‘hatchway strip’ would be painted along the centre-line.
* There could be no speed reduction from 50 to 40.
And following a long follow-up discussion at the Down Hatherley Lane church bend to consider speeding traffic along Down Hatherley Lane:
* Up to 6 road humps, possibly across the whole road width, could be installed between the chicanes.
* Highways agreed that they would look into this and take internal advice on the suitability of this measure. Assuming it was a possibility the PC would then inform residents of the need for such general measures and prospect of its specific approach, and seek their feedback.
* Reducing the ‘50’ limit towards the Cheltenham Road was not likely to be permitted.
Community Payback’ scheme for clearance of several footpaths… Cllr. Watt reported that arrangements for this work was in the pipeline. Following the recent meeting with Mr Soule from Rights of Way who had visited the parish,several new stiles were to be supplied, rtepaired or cleared . The appropriate landowners had been written to and were being very co-operative.
Field edge footpath off Brook Lane to rear of Orchard Park… The Clerk reported that Hitchins’ farming department had promised the ploughed-up edge would be restored to a walking width.

(10) Planning: It was decided to offer no adverse comment to the following 3 recent applications:
Down Hath.Manor(16/01226/TPO): removal of sycamore tree described by Unwin Forestry Consultants as scruffy, poorly-shaped & showing recent extensive die-back.
Dowty Landing Gear (16/01139/FUL): Plating shop extension to accommodate fork-lift truck.
Woodfold Court (16/01228/FUL): Single & 2 storey extensions & relocation of access to Wood Lane.

Vine House(16/01209 & 10210/OUT): Application to avoid Section 106 levy on already granted Outline permission… Response to concur with the Urban Design Officer’s opinion that the layout lacks coherence & is completely unacceptable in its present form.

The JCS: On October 25th local people completely filled the public gallery to witness County Councillor Awford & Borough Councillor Bocking succeed in their amendment that massive housing development inTwigworth, as proposed by the Government Inspector, be removed from her recommended JCS amendments. Borough officials now have a tasking job to deliver alternative sites acceptable to Cheltenham & Gloucester councillors. The Chairman once more expressed the Parish Council’s and the local community’s profound gratitude to the above Councillors.
The NDP: The revised draft plan, prepared on behalf of the Steering Committee by Cllr. Minter, aided by planning advisor Phil Staddon, is about to be sent in to the Borough for their scrutiny.

(11) Gloucestershire Airport: The chairman reported that –at long last- there seemed to be a positive change of attitude which reflected the noise abatement suggestions made by the parish council on behalf of the community. Through a new system called SkyDemon pilots are receiving a clearer indication of which areas to avoid overflying, and a review of noise abatement procedures had resulted in other procedural amendments aimed at reducing noise pollution Results will be monitored.

(12) Finance: Recent chqs.signed-
(000113) £1440 to PJS Development Solutions (re NDP for professional advice)
( -114) £91.20 to Twigworth PC for share of cost of roadside placards re JCS.

(13) Any Other Business:
* The PCC’s restoration of the Gwinnett tomb was proceeding well.
* A resident in Ash Lane expressed concern at the quality and procedures of the new-build construction work adjacent to her property, and that the Borough’s building inspection was possibly not being applied as robustly as it should be. She had already contacted the Borough Councillor and the PC offered further support if required.
* A resident of Broadclose Road commented on the seeming decrease in the area’s bird population.
* The donor of the defibrillator (which is situated at the Manor) raised the question of training for local people. This had already been given for a similar asset held in Norton. The Clerk said that the Manor’s manager was very willing to host training and the Clerk would now be contacting the suggested trainers for a date probably inJanuary or February next year.
* Need for new councillors… With Councillor Roger Fox, regrettably moving out of the area soon, the impending shortfall of two has never before been the case since the council’s inauguration in 1946. This would leave just the quorum minimum of three. Notices for a 5th councillor have been on he boards & website for 18 months to no avail. Now the situation was more serious. The clerk was asked to draft out a leaflet for a flyer or possibly the next Newsletter.
*PC dates for 2017… the following were agreed-
DOWN HATHERLEY PC (Approx. every 6 weeks)
January 18th March 1st April 12th (+ Annual Parish Meeting)

May 24th (A.G.M.) July 12th August 30th

October 11th November 22nd
TWIGWORTH PC (1st Thursday alternate months)
January 5th March 2nd May 4th (AGM)
July 13th (NB: 2nd Thurs) September 7th November 2nd

The meeting ended at 8.51pm Signed………………………….Date……………..



(1) Present: Mr D.Evans(Chairman), Mr R.Fox, Mr R.Minter, June Watt & 6 members of the public.

(2) Apologies: Cllr.P.Awford(County), Cllr.G.Bocking(Borough)
(3) Chairman’s Opening Remarks: The two above cllrs. were at a vital JCS meeting, negotiating
on behalf of the Borough & were unlikely to get to Down Hatherely.
(4) Members of the Public: No questions.
(5) Minutes of the Last Meeting: Previously seen by Councillors, they were signed as correct.
(6) Declarations of Interest: None.
(7) Matters Arising From the Minutes:
-The Area Co-ordinator for Emergency Planning had been invited to attend the PC; no reply yet.
-Three double-sided “Lorry Watch” placards on ‘Correx’ were now printed & ready.
-The owner of Peacock Cottage had been written to concerning his overgrowing hedge and this
had now been cut back from over the pavement.
-Very critical letters from both the PC and Twigworth PC had been published in The Citizen in
response to the newspaper’s thoughtless article (and irrelevant photograph) highlighting
Down Hatherley Lane as the ‘top’ of 10 “Rat-runs For Motorists”.

(8) Roads, Pavements & Footpaths: Roads Rep. Cllr Minter gave the agreed two dates for councillors and other local people to meet on site with Highways officials concerning-
(a) Speed /safety problems between the two chicanes along D.Hath.Lane. (b) Speed /overtaking dangers along the A38. This will be an excellent opportunity for local people to articulate their concerns.
Branch obscuring the West chicane warning notice- The Clerk to request DHManor to cut back.
“Lorry Watch”signs-- The clerk was asked to frame them for rigidity before deployment.
New deep pothole near Dowty corner: It was noted that this one (at least) had been rapidly repaired.
Request for footpath maintenance via Communuity Payback scheme: Cllr.Watt presented details & requirements from the co-ordinator: A gang of 8 would cost £50 a day plus about £51 to have the Village Hall’s facilities available. She & Cllr. Evans had now assessed the conditions of local footpaths and Councillors agreed the scheme itself & the cost was acceptable. A meeting with the area footpath co-ordinator, Mr I.Soule, was being arranged.

(9) Planning: There were no new applications to bring before the Council.
Newbridge House: (16/00963/FUL) Changing & pool facilities at back of house- permitted.
Taylor Wimpey Twigworth housing application—the Clerk was asked to inquire immediately from Sandhurst PC about their apparent lack of response to this large application.
Fly tipping—The Clerk asked everyone to be vigilant since there was currently an epidemic of illegal tipping throughout Sandhurst.
Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP): The final draft was proceeding well. Buying the services of Planning Consultant Phil Staddon was proving to be good value & extremely useful in working towards a document which should be acceptable when undergoing the Borough’s legal scrutiny stage.
The JCS: Councillors registered their continuing concern at the way the stages were evolving. It was all very unsatisfactory that truly local opinion had not yet been allowed a direct hearing. Firm hopes resided in the determination of the County and Borough councillors for the Borough to keep Twigworth out of the JCS. It was understood that all 3 authorities deeply oppose the government JCS Inspector’s interim recommendations. The clerk asked to install again the protest placards along A38.

(11) Gloucestershire Airport: It was noted that currently take-off circuits were regularly on a different trajectory which reduced the noise intrusion. But maybe this was merely a response to seasonal wind changes.
(12) Finance: Chq’s (022111) £36 -Cheltenham Sign Studio. (-112) £23.50 –D.Bayley, (Newsletter costs)
(13) Any Other Business:
-From TBC: Do parish councils wish to financially contribute towards a roving “Dog Fouling Warden”? It was decided not to join this scheme.

The meeting ended at 8.35pm
NEXT MEETING—NOV 23rd Signed……………………………Date……..



(1) Present: Mr D.Evans(Chairman), Mr R.Fox, Mr R.Minter, June Watt, Philip Awford(County
Cllr.), Graham Bocking(Borough Cllr.), & 3 members of the public.
(2) Apologies: None
(3) Chairman’s Opening Remarks: This changed date had been necessary due to the absence of a
quorum on August 31st and the availability of the Hall.
(4) Declarations of Interest: None
(5) Minutes of the Previous meeting: Previously circulated, they were signed as correct.
(6) Matters Arising: “Emergency Planning”- The Clerk was asked to invite the Area Co-ordinator, Marilyn Cox, to a future meeting.
(7) Reports from County and Borough Councillors: They were able to remain for the whole evening and contributed to many discussions. Cllr. Awford began by saying that any improvements to the Longford roundabout would only occur if large scale housing development was allowed, and that it was regrettable that the County Council’s response to properties at greater flood risk from large-scale development appeared to be dependent on the developers’ own assessment reports.
The Joint Core Strategy(JCS) and inclusion of Twigworth for large-scale housing-- The following points emerged from the discussion…
(i) An approach was suggested by which the Neighbourhood Development Plan could make a representation to the Borough Council before it votes on the Government inspector’s JCS amendment recommendations. The NDP had so far been denied the opportunity to present their evidence.
(ii) Cllrs.Awford & Bocking have been extremely firm in discussions with planning officers. Huge development across Twigworth is not suitable for inclusion in the JCS modifications. This was an absolute position, crucial to whether the amendments are passed. (Effectively Twigworth is being fought as a line-in-the-sand not to be crossed).
(iii) There was no traffic solution able to cope with around 1000 extra houses and there was still building capacity south of Gloucester.
(iv) There is, frankly, no acceptable “hydrological solution” adequate for this area.
(v) The CEO, and the authority in general have not been robust enough in investigating and understanding the situation, and a culture pertains where response is officer-led instead of elected- member-led.
Councillor Fox expressed the thanks of the council to councillors Awford and Bocking for their robustness and persistence in opposition to the Inspector’s Interim Report recommendations for development in Twigworth & Down Hatherley.

(8) Roads,Pavements & Footpaths: From Cllr.Minter, Roads Rep.,
“Lorry Watch” scheme…
Information was at hand from the county Road Safety Partnership and the clerk was asked to order 3 double-sided signs. Permission had been obtained for their roadside use.
Meeting with Area Manager, Rhodri Grey… A date was awaited to discuss further speed reduction along D.Hatherley Lane.
Recent A38 accidents… One had been due to overtaking along the 50mph stretch, yet it was believed that regulations will not allow double white lines at this location. Norton PC will be asked if they will agree to a request to reduce the speed limit from 50 to 40.
Outgrowing hedge outside Peacock Cottage: The clerk was asked to write to the householder yet again.
D.Hath.Lane - sinking/cracking along Golf Course stretch… This was noted.
Feature in “The Citizen” on the city’s rat-runs… This was disgracefully presented, without any comment on the dangers. Cllr.Minter had written a robust riposte & it would be sent in the name of the Chairman and council.

(9)Planning: Taylor Wimpey 100 house application at Twigworth… Both parish councils had submitted the strongest of objections as had numerous residents & a leaflet giving the PC’s’ view had been delivered to every home in Twigworth. Newbridge House… pool and changing area: The clerk to write inquiring whether allowing a build of this nature within their garden area infringes development rules or would set a difficult-to-defend precedent for any future similar applications.
Holmwood: - detached house alongside existing one…This application, in Twigworth, would constitute a noticeable breach in the open aspect of the wider area; although it was within the garden it was Green Belt land and both councils had opposed it.
NDP… Cllr.Minter said that he continued to undertake the revision and comments from TBC Planning Officers on housing site assessments had been extremely helpful. The draft should be ready in 3 – 4 weeks.
(10) Gloucestershire Airport: Cllr. Evans said that persuading the Airport to be a better neighbour was a painfully slow business, but, following on from his representations at the last Airport Consultative Meeting, he had sent a letter from the Parish Council asking for a report from the operators that the message about following take-off regulations would be “getting into the cockpit”. It appeared to be the same old offenders who ignored regulations & guidelines. It was quite unacceptable for the management to say that in the overall number of aircraft movements “the volume of complaints was relatively small.” His letter asked for a detailed report on action, by the next meeting.

(11) Finance: Chqs. signed since the last meeting –
022106 £500.00 (D.Bayley, 6 months’ sal.)
07 125.00 (HMRC, PAYE on above)
08 20.00 (Payroll fee, PATA(UK) Ltd)
09 78.00 (D.Hath. Village Hall: hire)
10 72.00 (G.Hedley: website fee)
The externally audited accounts had been passed & returned, no fee to pay, & the required public inspection notice displayed (via website).

(12) Correspondence:
From Tewkesbury Police Station – Due to “dwindling police numbers & increasing demand” a parish council cannot expect regular visits any more to receive a report on local crime & answer any questions. Crime information will now only be available on their website, not sent individually to councils.
Borough Housing Strategy Information Event --Oct. 12th 4 – 6pm
Chartered Parishes Mtg. -- Oct.5th 7pm at Churchdown Community Hub.

(13) Any Other Business:
Community Payback scheme… Clerk to obtain details & pass to Cllr. Watt.
Deer have been seen crossing D.Hath Lane- It was noted but no with decision to request more
signage at present..
Button Gwinnett tomb restoration has been given permission to go ahead.
Village Hall keys: several cllrs. hold one & will open up the hall when asked.
The Chair expressed thanks for George Hedley for his recent further work in keeping the website
operational in view of the fact that an annual fee must now be paid to the operator. The clerk to
inquire if anygrant funding is available towards this.

The meeting ended at 8.45pm




-1- Present: Philip Awford (County Cllr.), Graham Bocking (Borough Cllr.), Mr
D.Evans, Mr R.Fox, Mr R.Minter, June Watt and 4 members of the public.

-2- Apologies: None

-3- Chairman’s Remarks: None

-4- Comments from the Public: None

-5- Declarations of Interest: None.

-6- The Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Previously circulated, they were signed as correct.

-7- Matters Arising from the Minutes: The drainage problems concerning two householders along different locations of D.Hatherley Lane were now both under investigation by Highways and/or S-Trent. In both cases the onset of rain was awaited to bear out the initial conclusions of the investigations.
The village website had now been transferred into the capable hands of Mr Hedley.

-8- Borough Councillor’s Report: The new Leisure Centre was now open, popular, and the subject of generous commendation, but parking for the Centre & Council offices was now somewhat ‘tight’.
Local Visit - The Borough CEO will be visiting the area soon to inspect possible future development sites. He would be reminded that although developers are asserting that certain sites “do not flood” photographs now posted on the village website soundly disprove this. The CEO will also be shown the historically significant Gwinnett tomb in D.Hatherley churchyard which will soon be restored.

-9- Roads, Pavements & Footpaths: It has been agreed with Highways that speed roundels can be painted on the DHLane section between the chicanes. Cllrs. discussed whether “20” rather than “30” could be an answer towards bringing down the average driver’s speed along here. If “20” was to be requested it would be a lengthy process before official sanction (a “TRO”) was granted. Weeds clogging gutters along the A38... Areas where this was a distinct problem were identified and Cllr.Awford was asked to consider clearance via the new Lengthsmen scheme. (He has an annual allocation of 3 weeks work of the hand-crew to cover requests from his 22 parishes.) Another idea was that the PC might engage with the “Community Pay-Back” scheme for this work. It was noted that some of DHLane’s potholes ..had now been painted marked for imminent repair. Cllr.Minter, Roads Rep., said he & his family would undertake some low-tech,low-level verge cutting around the Church bend area.where the sightlines for turning into School Lane were obscured. Speed along the A38 Norton section... Although Highways’ recent data showed that the average speed was apparently 47mph along this 50mph stretch, overall the impact of the volume of traffic was now so threatening that “50” was surely too high. With several side developments being planned Cllr.Minter suggested that a “40” limit was justified.

-10- County Councillor’s Report: Following on from the previous discussion he gave examples of successful rural traffic calming measures. He commended councillors in their struggle to find new ways to reduce speed and they agreed to his suggestion that they tap into the expertise of the Road Safety Partnership. Concerning the Referendum result, he stated that the County Council was alert to not being overly exposed financially to the effects of Brexit. There followed a long discussion amongst all in the room over the agenda’s Special Item:

-11- The JCS Inspector’s Interim Report… Cllr. mentioned that Tewkesbury Borough had been the first JCS authority to address the issue of the Inspector’s modifications, and the dominant opinion was that she had but patchily observed correct procedures. The acceptance or otherwise of the vast Hitchins development proposal was key to what else would eventually be approved for this part of the JCS region. She had not employed a balanced approach by stating that Twigworth was “an obvious choice” for increasing the JCS housing numbers.. She was in effect telling the authorities to sign in Twigworth to the JCS. What was obvious was that she had allowed developer Hitchins to give a view but no official opportunity to the affected parish councils. Developers can afford unlimited access to expensive expertise, and it must be questioned whether she ever saw, or has seriously studied, the Borough’s 14 rejection points to the 750 house Twigworth application, or that she appreciates the inevitable, yet ultimately unrealistic, infrastructure requirements. The long-term figure indicates that within a decade Twigworth and Down Hatherley. would be flooded with 2000 houses. There was total agreement that the Inspector had acted unfairly & inconsistently. ‘Galling’, ‘out-of-order’, ‘uneven’, biased’ - everyone in the room had their word for it. Indeed, her actions might be deemed unsound if subjected to a Judicial Review. Councillors agreed to keep up the pressure to open up further dialogue before September when the draft is to be published.

-12- Planning: -. There were no new applications to bring before the Council.
A substantial new farm track had recently been laid down across fields at the bend in Wood Lane. The Borough Planning Enforcement Officer had been to view and also spoken with the land owner. There appeared to be no planning issue.

-13- NDP: Progress Report- The Steering Committee will meet again on July 14th and focus on tactical thinking with regard to site assessment criteria towards limiting the potential for Green Belt development.
A recent “Land Development Group” grant of £2040 would allow several days’ hire of a Planning Consultant to scrutinize the NDP’s latest modified draft.

-14- Gloucestershire Airport: There were no new over-flying or noise abatement issues to report upon.

-15- Finance: no. 022105 (£9.60) D.Bayley (Newsletter printing)
A contribution to Twigworth PC for roadside protest placard costs
was agreed but was deferred to the next meeting due to lack of time.

-16- Any Other Business:
Thoughts on emergency planning: The Community Emergency Officer had recently contacted the Clerk with a request for the Council’s view for this area. She would be willing to attend a PC meeting.
Cllr. Awford gave a brief overview of resilience work and examples of where elsewhere measures have been taken. Cllrs. decided to leave discussion for the next or next-but-one meeting.

Newsletter… Cllrs. Evans & Minter had written 2 most informative pages giving a thorough picture of
the massive development threats to this area and the several cogent reasons why they should be refused.
Distribution was to every home in Twigworth, Down Hatherley and Norton. Distinctive canary yellow



-1- Present: Mr D.Evans, Mr R.Fox, Mr R.Minter, June Watt,
Mr G.Bocking (Boro’ Cllr.), Mr P.Awford(County Cllr.), and 5 members of the public.
-2- Apologies: None.


(i) Election of Chairman: -Elected: Cllr.D.Evans (Proposed- Cllr Fox, Seconded- Cllr. Minter)
(ii) - : - Vice Chairman: -Elected: Cllr. R.Fox (Proposed- Cllr. Minter, Seconded- Cllr. Watt)
(iii) The Minutes of the previous AGM (May 3rd 2015) were signed by the Chairman.
(iv) Financial Statement: The clerk informed the meeting that the annual Precept had been received from the Borough. This was £3005 (PC’s request was £2800 & £205 was the ‘Support Grant’). At the close of the financial year the bank balance had been £1219, the average amount. Currently the bank balance was £4582 of which around £750 was the Holding A/c for the emerging Neighbourhood Development Plan.


(Attendance: as above)
-4- Chairman’s Remarks: None
-5- Comments from members of the Public: None
-6- Declarations of Interest: None
-7- Minutes of the Previous Meeting: These had been previously circulated & were signed as correct.
-8- Matters Arising from the Minutes: Inadequate display of Planning ‘green notices’… The clerk had inquired, as requested, and (as in the past) the answer had been that prominent display is required although it need not be directly outside the property in question. This may be checked upon but it was to be doubted whether in the present understaffed, austere times there was the will or the staff to do so. Car-thrown drink bottles in the ditches along FF.Lane and D.H.Lane… The clerk had established who the current PCSO’s were but was informed that cut-backs meant that they cannot nowadays attend PC meetings as a matter of course. The Tewkesbury area liaison police office had written to say that Police were on constant alert for drink driving in all areas, and always followed up anything suspicious.

-9- Borough Councillor’s Report: Parish Council representation at Planning Committee meetings…
After the recent inquiry into their running it was decided that PC representations could still be made. If no cllr. was available the Clerk could now read out a prepared statement. Unfortunately, the ‘clicking timer clock’ would still be employed. New Leisure Centre… This was on schedule & within budget & due to open on May 30th. Borough grant to Imjin Barracks for Queen’s 90th celebrations… This would enable the event on June 9th to offer free entry.
Restoration of Gwinnett tomb… Cllr. Minter asked that the Borough be informed that a stonemason is likely to begin the work in July.

-10- County Councillor’s Report… Bid for Devolution… This would now be proceeded with.
Highways funding… His own ‘division budget’ for minor work, at parishes’ request, had risen £10k to 30k. The projected revival of ‘Lengthmen’ was to be welcomed JCS progress… The government Inspector’s interim report was now awaited. It was believed that reduced future housing numbers to the south of Cheltenham would mean more development to the north of Gloucester. Flooding issues… Much E.A. computer modelling had now been undertaken for the area north of\Gloucester, but a case for funding for a relief channel had not apparently been made. Shortcomings of the Planning Dept… With just 2 Enforcement Officers, the backlog of cases was one of his concerns. Amey’s contract with Highways… The quality of work and time taken was under continuous review by County Councillors Cllr. Awford’s new phone no is: 01452 840036.

-11- Roads, Pavements & Footpaths: Cllr Watt confirmed that there was now a complete lack of any official footpath clearance. Resources nowadays were so much more concentrated on the “Health & Safety aspects” of the PROW network. She will continue to approach Ian Soule for support with PROW and investigate alternatives for maintenance of the paths.

Cllr.Minter had spoken with an Amey official about the long delay in collecting unwanted signage and the still un-replaced chevron signs on the church bend.
Weed and silt build-up in gutters was in evidence along D.H.Lane. It was not what the sweeper could remove, and he would ask if a hand crew could attend to this. Painted “30” roundels … Highways had now agreed to do this on the approaches to the Church bend and had asked for the council’s recommended locations. Peacock Cottage: out-growing hedge… This was again forcing pedestrians to the very edge of the narrow pavement. The clerk was asked to write, as over many years, to the owners reminding them of their responsibilities. “Rosedene”…flood issues. Following the Clerk’s letters to both Highways & Severn Trent, officials from both had called. Highways had jetted drains, employed cameras within the system, and discovered unknown pipes albeit blocked & broken. The Clerk was asked to write again to S-T inquiring when they would be continuing their investigations.

-12- Planning: “Woodlawn”, Ash Lane… Revised application:… ‘Reduce length of rear extension and look of roof’. As per original response (no ojection).
Councillors’ recent meeting with GRCC affordable housing officer, Martin Hutchings… The Ash Lane ancient orchard site offered for development would not be considered suitable, and anyway there was little demonstrable need for such housing within D.Hatherley or indeed Twigworth.
Continuing work on the NDP… Cllr. Minter was preparing what he suggested could be the criteria for potential housing sites, setting out robust arguments in anticipation of final JCS lobbyings. He would also prepare a special NDP section titled Green Belt Protection re infill sites. Cllr. Minter’s recent useful meeting with Planning Officer Mr Power over the original Ash Lane infill site consent had been useful and allayed future fears somewhat over such issues.

-13- Gloucestershire Airport: Cllr.Evans reported on his recent attendance at the Airport /Community
Consultation meeting. The height & range of circuit will not be increased and a database of all complaints is now in operation. He is very critical that it does not appear to contain ‘feedback outcome’ from individual operators. Overall he saw cause for optimism that scope for cover-ups over pilot errors and the public’s complaints would reduce. Cllr. Minter raised a point about low flying Chinooks over Imjin and the Airport. It seems that approaches to landing sites are made but not a touchdown. These would be training flights, but their heavy vibration would be a cause for inquiry if the flights increased in number.

-14- Finance: Annual audit Return – The Internal Auditor has approved and signed.
(a) The clerk read out the Statement of Governance & the Chairman then signed the relevant section
(b) The Return had been scrutinised & signed by the Internal Auditor & the Chairman signed the Accounting
(c) Cheques signed: No. 102 £170.18 (Community First Trading) annual insurance
103 £143.38 (D.Bayley) PC’s agreed one third payment of broadband
104 £25.00 (Twigworth PCC) Internal Auditor’s donated fee.

-15- Future Running of the Village Website: Mrs Welsh has operated this for about 7 years and wishes to hand on to someone else. There was an interesting discussion amongst all in the room over how best to advertise or to make approaches . Someone in the room expressed interest in the project and would be contacting Mrs Welsh.

-16- Vacancy for a 5th councillor: Although one local person has expressed an interest, they have not yet attended a meeting or requested information from the Clerk.

The meeting ended at 9.14pm

DOWN HATHERLEY Annual Parish Meeting - April 13th 2016 at 7pm

Present: Parish councillors Dave Evans, Roger Fox, Rick Minter, June Watt 6 local persons.
Apologies: Graham Bocking (Borough Councillor)

Venue: Vilage Hall. The meeting was chaired by Mr D.Evans, parish council chairman.

The meeting was thrown open for anyone present to have a say and the issue of water flowing out of two manhole covers outside “Fairview” was raised. S-Trent had already tried to address this with work at the nearby pumping station but problem remained. The clerk was asked to contact S-T to ask for a meeting, and for the PC to be kept fully informed. The question of a blocked footpath on land belonging to The Stables was raised & this would be followed up by the PC in due course.
Parish Council’s review of the year - The Chairman read his statement 7 areas of concern with which the PC had been involved during the last 12 months. The statement would be kept in the PC Minute Book. He concluded with a tribute to the late Borough Councillor Bill Whelan whose affability and good work for the parish and wider area was much appreciated.

There being no further comment from the room the meeting closed at 7.15pm.

Signed…………………………………………. Date…………….

Down Hatherley Parish Council - the Ordinary Meeting 7.15pm

(1) Present and apologies: As above. Chairman: Dave Evans.
(2) Chairman’s Remarks: None
(3) Members of the Public: The descriptive “green notices” were not always displayed outside the actual property in question, only in other nearby areas which could be confusing and unhelpful. The Clerk was asked to inquire as to the actual procedure.

(4) Declarations of Interest: None.
(5) Reports from County and Borough Councillors: Not available.
(6) Minutes of the Previous meeting: Previously circulated they were signed as correct.
(7) Matters Arising:“Rosedene” front flooding- The Clerk had visited the owner & letters had been sent to S-Trent and Glos.Highways from the PC requesting that official visits be made to assess & rectify the situation.

(8) Roads, Pavements and Footpaths: Roads rep. cllr.Minter reported on the following:
(i) A car belonging to a Broadclose Road resident had recently been irreparably damaged whilst parked along the A38. (ii) Given the increase in the number of turn-ins onto the A38 towards Norton it would appear that there is now a much stronger case to push for a speed reduction to 40mph. This then could obviate the need for a ‘gateway’. Norton PC had been informed & their views were awaited. (iii) Highways contractors Amey had still
not removed redundant roadside signage as requested. (iv)Highways had agreed in principle to painting “30” roundels on the road surface in a number of places along the straights each side of the church bend. Cllrs. discussed a possible 4 or 5 places on each carriageway & Highways would now be asked for their expert comment.
(v) Initiative from the Police & Crime Commissioner to reduce excessive traffic speeds. A dedicated fund could be available if the present incumbent is elected. The Clerk asked to eMail for an application form.
Footpaths: Cllr.June Watt and the Chairman had recently attended a helpful Footpath Workshop. Very useful in formation had been exchanged. The PROW dept. had suffered funding cuts but soon again each of the county areas should have their own dedicated officer again. The PC now had an up-to-date, definitive FP map & this would be put on the village website. A FP on The Stables land had apparently been blocked for many years but not forgotten by local people. This would be reported to a FP officer.

(9) Planning: There were no new applications to bring before the council.
Ash Lane so-called ‘infill’ application… (000138/FUL) The TBC Planning Cmttee had decided “delegated permit” (but the only condition was thought to be a further proper investigation into great crested newts.) The decision was an immense disappointment to cllrs., and the Clerk was asked promptly to seek comment from the relevant Planning Officer, specifically, to ask for a meeting with an appropriate person, one query being over how much weight was given to the PC’s detailed and reasoned objections. Newbridge House: rumoured pool development. No details whatsoever had been seen.

(10) Gloucestershire Airport: Cllr.Minter had informed cllrs. in advance of a recent thoroughly irregular flight circuit low over and around the church. This was an incident which must be reported upon.

(11) Finance: Chqs.signed 022099 £106.18 (GAPTC annual membership)
100 £ 18.50 (PATA payroll services)

The Chairman had discussed his remuneration with the Clerk. There were a number of points which were not aligned with widespread current practice. For instance,
(a) Average hours Even for the very smallest kind of council such as Down Hatherley was (ie with 5 members and no fixed community responsibilities such as allotments, a village hall or playing field) the longstanding previous estimate of 1 to 2 hours per week was not realistic any more. The computer had increased & expanded work, all to the good in creating more interest in the democratic process, but an estimate of 3 hours per week average was now more accurate.
(b) National minimum pay rate For a Clerk in such an instance, and with no recognised Public Admin. qualification, the lowest salary tier must be considered correct but reference to the national pay agreement (part-time hourly rates) should nowadays be honoured. This had for years now been expected by NALC, the national local government body, but very small councils had always in the end only offered what they could afford from the precept which they wish to request.
The clerk felt that the time had come to ask that he be paid the minimum nationally agreed rate.
(c) Contract The GAPTC, Glos. Ass’n of Town & Parish Councils, had pushed for years for Clerks to have a contract, and indeed any future Clerk would almost certainly expect one. It was not obligatory and the present Clerk had no wish to involve the PC in any extra commitment .

The chairman presented figures summarising the Clerk’s present and suggested future salary as a %age of the Council’s precept and the following was agreed –
(i) An 8% increase to £1350 p/a (gross) based on an hourly £8.65 rate and an average 3 hours/week.
(ii) In future years to look more closely at the salary/funding issue and pitch the bid for annual precept
funding accordingly.

(12) Neighbourhood Development Plan: Now in its final months. Cllr.Minter was currently amending the draft in the light of recent Steering Committee study. Cllrs. decided that paying a professional consultant to make an expert ‘combing through’ of the document would be quite justified.
It was felt that the 3 NDP PC’s would all agree to this.

(13) Affordable Housing: The GRCC and the Borough had asked for a meeting councillors to discuss the offer of a site within the parish which could allow a build of 4 homes. The site had not yet been announced, and the 2012 Housing Survey had revealed a need for just two homes. This meeting had been agreed for April 14th in the Village Hall.

(14) Any Other Business:
(i) The vacant councillor position…One local person had recently shown an interest and it was hoped that they would attend the next PC meeting on May 25th.
(ii) Car-thrown litter… A member of the public who had trawled the local roads on many a litter sweep expressed his concern that two thirds of the receptacles gathered up were for alcoholic drink.
There was certain evidence that late night boozers were driving around in an unfit state and this was a menace which should be communicated to the police. They need to be made aware of this problem in the whole area. The clerk said he will inquire to get the information to the right quarter, and enquire whether visits to the council from a local PCSO and/or police officer might be revived. He had been sending meeting dates through but had heard back from no one for over a year.

The meeting closed at 8.50pm



MARCH 9th - 7pm ~117~

(1) Present: Mr D.Evans(Chairman), Mr R.Fox, Mr R.Minter, June Watt, Mr G.Bocking(Boro’ cllr.)
and 4 members of the public.
(2) Opening Remarks by the Chairman: The late Bill Whelan – There was extreme regret at his sudden passing. Hardworking, personable and much appreciated, he had been a good Borough Councillor and had benefitted D.Hatherley in a number of ways, particularly over VillageHall funding.
Councillor Fox would represent the PC at the funeral, but others councillors hoped to attend.

Recent rain had been heavy but not excessive, yet F.F.Lane was flooded over. Excellent evidence to bear in mind during future local development issues.

(3) Borough Councillor’s report: Cllr.Bocking spoke about the Precept requests and noted that Down Hatherley’s was one of the lowest applied for. The question of public participation at Planning Committee meetings… This was up for complete review; one view was that the 3-minute speaking slot was too low. JCS: Government inspector’s scrutiny… There was a growing feeling that the 30k house building ceiling might be raised. In that case, some of the currently exempt ‘exception sites’ could be re-considered. On-going Longford development…Access concerns on to the N. bypass may bring Phase
II into doubt. County devolution considerations… The issue of Cotswold investigating whether it might combine with Ox’shire was causing delay. Borough waste service review… Possible new vehicles.

(4) Declarations of Interest: None.
(5) Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Previously circulated,, they were signed as correct.
(6) Matters Arising: Bad scabbing along D.H.Lane near Dowty’s… The Clerk had contacted the
relevant County Cllr.,(Vernon Smith) and Highways would try to raise its priority on their repair list.
Obstructing fallen heavy fence panel along Brook Lane(Eco Paddock)…Fixed, after owner informed by Clerk.

(7) Roads & Pavements: Roads Rep.,Cllr.Minter, said that the recent heavy rain had necessitated a S-T call-out to the DHLane pumping station. 11.30pm accident at Church bend… It was apparently a drink-drive issue and involved the police. It could have proved fatal for the car occupants.... Councillors discussed the problems of accidents along DHLane and the possibility of more “30” signs It was decided to ask Highways if they could paint 30 in circles on the road, especially on the straights where drivers build up speed.
Golf Course: bramble out-growth to (especially) cyclists & m/cyclists… The clerk would immediately contact the head groundsman. A38 “Gateway” plan… No progress to report, but Cllr. Minter appraised cllrs. that recent speed abuse data for the A38 was ‘scary’. Habitual debris blockage of drains near Little Woodfields… Local people had cleared some hedge-cut debris etc., but clearly the drain cleansing vehicles don’t come nearly enough. Apparently there are only 2 for the entire borough.
Habitual driveway flooding at Rosedene… This was partly a sewage backflow & storm-drain inadequacy. The Clerk would visit the owner with a view to penning a letter to S-T from the PC urging attention be given to this continual problem. Peacock Cottage… Pavement widened –at last! This had been cleared of all weeds by a Highways hand crew, but only by dint of years of pressure from Twigworth PC & the eventual intervention of County Councillor Awford for the greater stretch through Twigworth parish to be cleared. Already elderly residents from Orchard Park are walking to the Garden Centre again instead of driving the short distance.

(8) Planning Applications: Menage at Little Woodfields… This would be unobtrusive & cllrs. had no objections subject to the following –that (a) there be no future application for night-time lighting. (b)That the proposal for water drainage flow into a local ditch be subject to meeting the EA’s drainage requirements. Norton Garden Centre – canopy over left side of retail area… No PC objection, subject to the neighbours not raising any objections. Ash Lane – rear extension to Woodlawn… No PC objection. Ash Lane – empty plot infill application… Strong concern over this. It is really a green space
here & the 2-storey plan is virtually a 4-bedroom building. Infilling is not warranted in this village environment. It was much regretted that a similar recent Planning Committee decision had not recognised this. The application is opposed since it does not conform to the emerging NDP or the current Parish Plan, both of which seek to retain open spaces over this spread-out parish, which is in reality 3 separate hamlets. Should the Planning Dept. be minded to approve, then it should only be for a single storey dwelling.

The NDP: It was hoped the Public Consultation dates can be in April. New Housing threat in Twigworth: Agents for Taylor Wimpey had attended Twig.PC with “the possibility” of 100+ homes off Sandhurst Lane.
Plan print-outs at meetings requested… The Clerk said he would certainly bring copies in future, but he didn’t realise that they were required, since he assumed that cllrs. would print at home and bring to meetings if they thought it necessary.

G.R.C.C. communication re affordable housing… A private information/discussion meeting with local cllrs. was requested over the possibility of a site being offered for 4 dwellings. The Clerk was asked to
write for more information. At this stage they had concerns as to whether both the (probable) site itself and the housing numbers would be appropriate to the area.

(9) Gloucestershire Airport: The Chairman advised that the review of the airport’s circuit management procedures had been compoleted. A meeting with the CAA to discuss the outcomeiof the review and agree any proposed changes was scheduled to take place at Gatwick on Mar. 31st ‘16. It was unlikely that any changes would be made to the height and range of the current circuit. The PC’s long
outstanding request for a change to the departure procedures from runway 27 would be considered following the meeting with the CAA. A new database to better capture complaints data, and track investigations, was being trialled with a view to introduction from April 1st ’16. If enough information
(particularly the aircraft G number involved) is provided, complaints should, then, always reach the individual operator and, if appropriate, flow on down to individual pilots.

(10) Finance: The Clerk read out details of the two charities which had sent requests for donations during the last year. (SARA and The Glos.Chest Fund). After some discussion it was decided that conserving the PC’s modest a/c balance must take priority, in the face of a year in which there was already a massive challenge to the NDP’s well-reasoned vision for the area. They decided therefore only to honour their obligation to the PCC towards the maintenance of the churchyard.
Cheques signed: 022095 £500.00 D.Bayley (Clerk’s 6 months’ sal.)
96 £125.00 HMRC (PAYE on above)
97 £149.50 D.Bayley (Clerk’s annual expenses, itemised)
98 £300.00 Down Hatherley PCC (annual donation)
Clerk’s salary: He asked if the PC would consider to continue parity (pro rata) with Twigworth PC, who had suddenly raised it for him last week. Salary had always been paid at or below the very lowest part-time going rate, and pro rata less for Twigworth than D.Hath. since there were 6 meetings a year against D.Hatherley’s 8 a year.
The customary estimated 1 & a half to 2 hours per week had been ridiculously low for years, and it was now surely above 3, but he had never been expected to keep such records. He believed the very lowest hourly rate to be about £8.60 and he was asked to check this.

(11) Requirements of The Transparency Code: The Clerk has discussed this with Helen Welsh who manages the village website. It is quite in order for a PC to display the necessary documents this way, and she can do that for maybe no charge at all. By contrast Twigworth, with no website, has had to apply for the available full government grant now that there is a knowledgeable volunteer web manager.

(12) Investigating the Parish Pump site: The Clerk had combed the minutes from the council’s establishment in 1946 & printed out a note of every reference. In May 1947 “it was now in working order again, having been repaired by Mr Dancey”. By 1950, however the parishioners apparently “attached little value to the pump” but in Sept. 1962 the PC was still considering a further restoration. Sadly, in July 1965, “damage had been done to the remains of the pump” and its disappearance seemed complete with the pipe area being covered with a concrete slab. Even this is now quite lost to brambles. Between 1965 and 1988 any references are merely to having the area sensibly cleared & fenced, and to trying to trace any money in a ‘Parish Pump Fund’. Nothing was resolved and in the last entry (Sept. 1988) Mrs Leach proposed “that the matter be dropped for the time being”.

Councillors decided that when the new owners of the bordering property are settled in they should be appraised of the situation. The PC’s intention should be to (i)investigate and (ii) properly fence the area in due course.

(13) Any Other Business:
** Grateful community thanks are due to Philip Drew for engaging in litter-picking.

-A Footpath information & training session … Cllr. June Watt would be attending.
-Recent fly-tipping at corner of DHath.Lane / A38… The Clerk had rung the Borough the next day.
-Restoration of Gwinnett family tomb in the churchyard…The PCC had now selected the contractor.
-Snow Warden… No decision.

The meeting ended at 9.16pm. Signed……………………………..Date..

NEXT MEETING: April 13th (Annual Parish Meeting)