Down Hatherley Parish Council

The Down Hatherley Parish Council meets approximately monthly. Minutes of their meetings are posted on noticeboards around the village and will also be available below.

Contact Information:

Grace (Clerk) [email protected]

Dave Evans (Chair) [email protected] (01452) 730729

Other members:

Rick Minter [email protected] (01452) 739142

Nina Dyke [email protected]

David Holland [email protected]

Shaun Painting [email protected]

Borough Councillor: Graham Bocking [email protected] 07719 723792

County Councillor: Phillip Awford [email protected] (01452) 840126
07411 050293


The next meeting of the council will be conducted at DH Village Hall
on Wednesday January 31st, 2018 at 7pm


-1- Present

-2- Apologies

-3- Announcements by the Chairman.

-4- Members of the public. -For up to 10 minutes only.- To receive brief comments &
questions from members of the public present which may be answered now or during the
meeting or at a subsequent meeting.

-5- Declarations of Interest – members are invited to declare any interests they may have in
tonight’s agenda to which the approved Code of Conduct applies.

-6- Minutes of the last meeting.

-7- Matters arising from the Minutes.

-8- County Councillor’s report May be brought forward to follow item -4- at discretion of the Chairman

-9- Borough Councillor’s report

-10- Roads, Pavements and Footpaths

-11- Planning

-12- Gloucestershire Airport matters

-13- Finance

-14- Clerk’s report

-15- Any Other Business.

-16- Parishioners’ Questions – Those present are invited to comment on the
evening’s deliberations and to place any further questions before the council.
Some questions may more appropriately be answered at the next meeting.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


0N MAY 31ST 2017 COMMENCING AT 7pm ~127~

-1- Present: Nina Dyke, Mr D.Evans(Chair), Mr R.Minter, Graham Bocking(Boro’cllr.) and 6 members of the public.
-2- Apologies: Cllr.P.Awford(County cllr.)
-3- Announcements by the Chairman: He expressed the wish of all the council for the
continued speedy recovery of Cllr Awford from his present illness.

-4- Co-option of new members: The Chairman said that due process had been observed
and co-option could now take place to fill the two existing vacancies. Dave Holland
and Shaun Painting were duly co-opted by unanimous agreement & both signed the
Declaration of Acceptance of Office amid a welcoming remark by the Chairman:

The Chairman adjourned the meeting at 7.10pm and stepped down to allow for the AGM.

The Annual General Meeting
(1) Present & Apologies: As above
(2) Minutes of the Previous AGM: The Chairman signed these as correct & then stood down.
(3) Election of Officers for the Coming Year: The Clerk called for nominations and the
following were elected-

Position Proposed Seconded
Chairman Cllr.Minter Cllr. Dyke Cllr Evans was elected
Vice Chairman Cllr.Evans Cllr Holland Cllr Minter was elected

Cllr Minter stated that he would not be willing to continue as Vice Chair for the whole of the year.

(4) Financial statement by the Clerk: The annual precept had been received as usual at the end of
April. With the Support Grant this totalled £3302 (Last year’s total was £3005).

The bank a/c statement at 31.4.17 was £51 16 of which the NDP embedded amount was about £940 but
this figure would be checked for accuracy.

The meeting closed at 7.20pm Signed ............................

Resumption of the Ordinary Meeting
(5) Further Announcements by the Chairman: Thanks were expressed to recently retired councillor
June Watt for all her efforts. The two new members were welcomed as councillors.
(6) Members ofthe Public: No comments.
(7) Declarations of Interest: None.
(8) Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Previously circulated, they were signed as correct.
(9) Matters Arising from the Minutes: The Clerk was reminded to contact Cllr Awford in due
course asking if gutter & verge clearance could be included in a future Lengthsmen work allocation for
his area. PC related documents held by WSP solicitors in Nailsworth. The Clerk to make an inquiry
about retrieval pricing.

(10) Borough Councillor’s Report: Cllr Bocking read out a summary ofthe Borough’s achievements
during 2016-17 covering Customer—focussed services, Housing, Finance & resource management and
Economic development the text of which was handed to the Clerk.

He highlighted the opening of the new £7million Leisure Centre, and the importance of the imminent
appeal over the Hitchins mass housing proposals and the as yet unannounced JCS inquiry. Councillors
agreed with him that the JCS should have been completed first before addressing any appeal by a large-
scale developer.

He asked for a summary ofthe life of Button Gwinnett as he was due to meet some USA visitors soon.
A member of the PCC present agreed to oblige.

(11) Presentation of a local lottery as a source of local funding: Hilary Earl, a Twigworth resident,
spoke about how such a scheme could guarantee a reliable income.

(12) Roads, Pavements & Footpaths: For the benefit of the two new councillors Cllr Minter gave
the meeting a brief summary of the highway problems affecting the parish and of the continual efforts
of the council to inform the Highways authority and to make suggestions for improvements.
Installation of a “gateway” by the A38 at Norton. Further advice from the Highways manager was
still awaited over moving this forward. On the issue of road surface deterioration just some of Down
Hatherley Lane’s potholes had received filling-in attention recently but the extensive ‘scabbing’ of the
carriageway near the B 5063 still existed.

The authority was well aware of the latter but, as ever, it waited upon funding.

Skip lorry had been reported traversing D.Hatherley Lane. It was unladen but was it over the 7.5t
weight limit? The Clerk had phoned Speedy Skips & was assured that the manufacturer’s weight for
this particular vehicle is exactly 7.51.

Footpath Warden. Although no longer a councillor, June Watt agreed to continue with this role for
which she was gratefully thanked. It was noted that the FP alongside The Gables was considerably
overgrown again.

(13) Planning: There were no new applications for the council to consider. The Clerk was asked to
inquire over the current status of applications for a new house(s) at Woodfold and at Holmwood
(Twigworth) and the Norton garden nursery site. The Clerk referred to the active enforcement process
underway over 6 occurrences of unauthorised development at Court Farm, Twigworth.

Hitchens' Appeals and Proposed JCS Modifications: Considerable work and fundraising was
ongoing in coniuction with Twigworth and Norton PCs in opposition of the Hitchens planning appeals
and the JCS Modifications for our area. A comprehensive update on the current position was given. It
was agreed that the Parish Council would donate up to £l000 to help meet any shortfall in funding
following the appeal for donations from the public.

The N.D.P. The draft document was, regrettably, still in the process of examination by professional
planners within the borough council, being sent back more than once with required amendments and

(14) Gloucestershire Airport: The Chairman hadn’t been able to attend the last Consultative
Committee meeting, He asked those present to report any evidence that the raised circuiting height
from 600 feet to 700 feet was being observed.

(15) Finance: The Clerk presented the signed a/c’s from the Internal Auditor (Steve Riddick).

(a) The Chairman then signed the Accounting Statement .

(b) The meeting agreed that due diligence had been observed during the year and the Chairman signed
the Statement of Governance and then Schedule B.

The Clerk brought up the matter of further detailed Schedules (C1, C2) to be completed this year and
which had involved much extra time and had defeated him. The internal auditor had made the required
extra calculations but he also expressed surprise and some annoyance that councils with such small
revenue were asked to address so much paperwork. He suggested that a letter of complaint be sent to
the External Auditors. The Clerk read out a letter he had drafted and the council agreed it should be
sent. They also agreed that for the internal auditor’s extra time and attention his fee be raised this year
from the usual £25 to £40.

Cheques signed:
022130 £177.85 (“Community First" annual insurance)
022131 £210.76 (D.Bayley, agreed one third share of annual broadband costs)
022132 £ 40.00 (Twigworth PCC. iThe internal auditor’s fee, donated to the PCC at his request)

(16) Any Other Business: The owners of Fowlers Farm had reported several recent losses of sheep
through dog attacks in areas where public footpaths crossed their grazing land. They requested that
these attacks be brought to the attention of residents and asked that dog walkers be politely reminded to
keep their pets under control at all times. Additionally, anyone witnessing such attacks were asked to
report it immediately.

Although not obligatory, the Clerk considered that in this age of PC websites that DHPC should
possess some Standing Orders of its own. They do not need to be lengthy (less than a page), and
councillors. asked him to make a drafi.

(17) Members of the Public: Questions were raised on the value of the suggestion to provide speed
cushions along Down Hatherley Lane (one member of the public registered opposition). Possible waste
near to Hatherley Brook (perhaps from the Longford Development) was also reported, but no firm facts
on what and where were available but residents who walk the footpaths in that area were asked to be
vigilant and reports any issues.

The meeting ended at 9.14pm NEXT MEETING... JULY 12“ Signed .................... Date


ON APRIL 12TH 2017

7pm The Annual Parish Meeting
Present Nina Dyke, Mr D.Evans (Chairman), Mr R.Minter, June Watt, Graham Bocking(Boro’Cllr.)
and 6 members of the public.
Apologies Phillip Awford (County Cllr.)

Parish Council Chairman Dave Evans took the Chair. He said firstly that it was a pity that no other local organisations sent a representative to the meeting, apart from the PCC, or ever submitted a report. He read out a report of the endeavours of the PC during the last 12 months and which will be kept with the Minutes of this evening’s PC meeting.
In brief, the year had been a busy one and dominated by planning matters notably the JCS and Hitchins’ application for 725 houses over a large part of Twigworth and part of Down Hatherley. There was also a separate Taylor Wimpey application for 100 houses west of the A38. Experts had been engaged over both and fund-raising was now about to commence to pay for professional legal representation at appeals and inquiries. All the relevant points had been written up at length and submitted to the examining authorities, namely over Traffic, Flooding, the Green Belt and Environmental considerations.
Down Hatherley continued as the lead parish for the emerging NDP (Neighbourhood development Plan) although progress had slowed whilst Borough officials had more than once sent the draft document back requesting changes. Special thanks must go to Cllr. Rick Minter and ex Chairman David Joy for the immense amount of voluntary time they have given to these issues.
Regarding local roads, speed and safety concerns had led to consultations with the county Highways Dept. over a range of possible measures to slow average driving speeds.
Footpaths had been reviewed this year and clearance undertaken and this had included work given through the Community Payback scheme.
Noise and flight-path complaints with Gloucestershire Airport had been continuously brought to the Airport management’s notice, but no solid improvement had been noticed yet.
Residents were encouraged to continue to register their complaints.

Dr Nicol, for the PCC, commented that the village could feel proud of the professional restoration of the important Button Gwinnett memorial in the churchyard. He then warned that the lychgate, such an
admired feature of the churchyard setting, had had its roof condemned and which was going to require a full roof rebuild. This would be costly.
He also appealed for more people to assist the gallant few with the periodic tidying of the churchyard.

There being no extra comment from members of the public the meeting ended at 7.25pm

7.25pm The Ordinary Parish Council Meeting
-1- Present and apologies: As above
-2- Chairman: No special remarks..
-3- A Member of the Public rose to say how greatly appreciated were the recent footpath clearances
and improvements, eg a new kissing gate and stile.
-4- Minutes of the Previous Meeting: Previously, circulated, they were signed as correct.

-5- Borough Councillor’s Report: The main points he noted were (i) Refuse collecting services will
not be curtailed in any way despite some councillors’ attempts to spread the service more thinly.
(ii) The Boundary Commission had concluded its findings. The TBC will still have 38 councillors
but the ward clusters of some parishes will change eg. Down Hatherley will now be grouped with
Sandhurst. (iii) The JCS next draft might not appear until November/December. He had no notion
as to what changes it might contain. (iv) Glos. Airpport- In reply to a question from the Chairman
he said that a fair number of people were now beginning to think of the possibility of an alterna-
tive use for the site. But it was becoming clear there would be both considerable support & opposition.

-6- Matters Arising from the Minutes: Blocked access through Orchard Park—The PROW officer had made it clear that a massive backlog of work meant that they could give no assistance in following this through in any way. It was suggested that the Clerk obtain a “20 Years of Use” claim form and inform the couple of residents who had complained to him about this. Woodfold Court-- application to build a house on land behind: The Planning Office was well aware of the council’s opposition and serious (Green Belt) concern. Donation to the PCC… Although the council had made a regular contribution for many years, it was with regret that it had deferred any decision this year due to the unprecedented need to conserve funds to fight on the Planning front.

-7- Roads and Footpaths: Cllr. Minter mentioned the following:
(i) The Clerk to remind County Cllr. Awford that hand cleaning the soil & weed accumulation of the DHLane gutters would be a good use of half a day’s work under the Lengthsmen scheme.
(ii) It was intolerable witnessing the abuse by some motorists along the 30 mph section of DHLane. The council had a responsibility to do something and he would be in touch with Highways to see if ‘Speed Cushions’ might be the cheapest & least polluting way to address the problem.
(iii) Recent centre-line marking along A38 towards Norton: Traffic guidelines apparently don’t allow for double white lines along this stretch but the new coloured single line is reported by a resident as having had a somewhat speed-lowering effect.
(iv) It was noted that potholes along DHLane had now been paint-marked for repair. Unfortunately further deterioration at some locations has meant that the paint has now crumbled away.
Footpath clearance by the Community Pay-back scheme: Cllr.Watt said the day’s work by 8 persons had been an obvious success; the workers had been keen and opening the Village Hall for break times was no problem to anyone.

-8- Planning: There were no new applications for the council to consider.
Neighbourhood Planning Group… The return of the draft plan (NDP) by Borough Council professionals for amendments & re-writing had been frustrating but it was accepted that the document would be subject to close scrutiny by any future developer. Could there be any link between the present slow progress and the emerging JCS? It was noted that the recent approval of the 12-house -largely ‘social housing’- was not in accordance with the NDP and the Housing Needs Survey findings.
Joint Core Strategy… Professional ex planning consultant David Crofts’ was proving a useful source of information to the council. Councillors asserted that Gloucester City was being far too vague over its brown-field ‘Strategic Land Allocation’ sites. Their whole approach was felt by many to be “very dubious”; that there were no special circumstances for the need to remove the Green Belt through Twigworth. The employment of a barrister to represent the community’s views at the forthcoming JCS
Public Examination was considered as likely and an appeal bank a/c was about to be opened.

Concerning the traffic implications of huge house estate building in the Innsworth / Twigworth area, the following points were made: (1)The effect would the truly onerous eg .an estimated minimum 30% traffic increase along Down Hath. Lane. (2) There was a hope that TBC officers will come to the conclusion that the new road building cost implications are unsustainable. (3) The traffic modelling data was unsound and the A40 would be grid-locked West from Elmbridge Court.
And what does ‘safeguarded’ mean concerning the farmland directly opposite Down Hatherley Manor? Safeguarded for future development is the feeling of this parish council and community. The discussion concluded with consensus that any decision to mass build over Twigworth & Innsworth would reveal it was the victim of “sickeningly cynical functionary treatment”.

-9- Gloucestershire Airport: Effectively, the Airport’s new “Guidelines” for take-off and flight procedure were not working and local persons were encouraged to continue to complain to the management. Most recently Brize Norton planes and helicopters were undertaking systematic heavy-lift high-level circulation training above this area well into the evening , a further reason for complaints to be submitted. Aircraft newly serviced by the Airport were also being flight tested late at night.
-10- Finance: Chq. signed- 022126 £113.21 (GAPTC ann. sub.)
It was decided to consider at the end of the year whether to kept on with membership.)
022127 £ 20.00 (PATA(UK) Payroll fee)
The 3rd signatory had now been confirmed by the bank (Cllr. Nina Dyke)
The 2016-17 accounts were about to be placed with the Internal Auditor Mr Steve Riddick.)
-11- Correspondence:
Reminder from solicitors WSP in Nailsworth that they hold various documents relating to the parish.
The Clerk was asked to check the back Minutes with reference to a ‘gas easement’ grant dated 1985.
-12- Any Other Business: Cllr. June Watt resigned. The Chairman announced that, unusually, there were 3 local gentlemen who had expressed an interest in serving as a councillor.

The meeting ended at 9pm NEXT MEETING(AGM):May 24th Signed……….



7.15pm – 8.45 Residents’ Meeting

This was called by the PC to give information about the latest developments over the Joint Core Strategy(JCS), the Neighbourhood Development Plan(NDP), and proposals for large-scale housing development and a new link road in Longford, Innsworth, Twigworth and Down Hatherley.
Around 60 residents attended, and talks, using large-scale maps, were given by parish councillors, the County & Borough councillors for this area & the Chairman of the NDP. The meeting was led by Cllr. Minter of Down Hatherley PC who assured everyone that the PC’s had been tireless in vigorously opposing the proposals. The speakers all felt that the Borough had been aggressive in fulfilling the demands of the JCS remit, that the Environment Agency’s data gathering was tardy and in some respects outdated, and that one expert employed to progress the issue “was not fresh and independent”.
The prospect of huge future traffic congestion was felt to be an even greater threat than that of flooding.
They audience was assured that endeavours were in hand to make a legal challenge and donations might be asked of the public towards this. The JCS process was being steamrollered along using unfair tactics during which local representation at important meetings had been denied. The Government’s draft conclusions on the JCS were expected before the end of the year.

9pm – 10.25 The Parish Council meeting

-1- Present: Mr D.Evans(Chairman), Mr R.Minter, June Watt, County Cllr. Mr P.Awford,
Borough Cllr. Mr G.Bocking and 9 members of the public.
-2- Apologies: Cllr. Nina Dyke
-3- Members of the Public: No comments.
-4- Chairman’s Opening Remarks: The meeting would progress as quickly as possible due to the lateness of the hour.

-5- Minutes of the Last Meeting: Previously circulated, they were signed.
-6- Matters Arising: Highways had assured the Clerk that the deterioration of the road surface near the Dowty corner was now in their repair programme. Lorry Watch…The Clerk had been informed by the Road Safety Partnership that they would inquire on the best way to report weight infringements as the Clerk had said it seemed unnecessarily complicated.
Closed footway from Brook Lane… The Clerk had consulted with the Orchard Park management, and he would now be writing to the Rights of Way department.

-7- County Councillor’s Report: (He had commented extensively at the earlier meeting on the JCS and the threat of unwise development in this area.) The Borough’s Budget- This had now been set at a Council Tax increase of 1.9%. Within this, adult social care would receive a 2.3% increase. The Lengthmen’s Scheme- This was for minor road tidying work in rural areas and its continuance was welcomed as was his on-going £30k for small highway projects.
Government Infrastructure Grant- He was dismayed not to have been informed of this sudden £26.3m. announcement for infrastructure improvements in this immediate area.
-8- Borough Councillor’s Report: He considered a current proposal to reduce the size of refuse bins & the frequency of collections to be a silly one, and he would oppose it. He made further comments on local flooding issues and on Localism, of which NDP’s were a striking example of it at work.

-9- Roads, Pavements and Footpaths: Cllr. Minter, Roads Rep. reported on the following-- A38 “Gateway” at Norton… He would re-circulate details of this to councillors. Lorry Watch signs… The current ones were likely to suffer from wind damage & the Clerk was asked to order 3 of the next smaller size.
Recent accident at the A38 junction… This appeared to have been a substantial impact & he would stress this to Highways since such information could have bearing on any future re-design of this junction. Use of Lengthsmen… Hand scraping of weed-strewn gutters along D.Hath.Lane would be a useful task to book in. Lamp-post (no. 124)… not lighting up at the A38/Down.Hath.Lane junction. The Clerk had reported this twice in the last 3 weeks. Footpath clearance via the Community Payback scheme… Cllr.Watt reported that the recent day’s work had been quite a success & it had also included some litter-picking.

-10- Planning: Woodfold Court – 3-bed house… This would be obvious inappropriate Green Belt development & the Clerk was asked to check on the current status of this application.
New hard track off Wood Lane… It seemed(possibly) too substantial for agricultural needs and the clerk was asked to request that the Enforcement Officer make a visit.
Holmwood, Twigworth… The Clerk to inquire about the progress of this proposed garden development application.
THE NDP… The re-drafted version was with Borough planning officials and their feedback was awaited.

-11- Gloucestershire Airport: Helicopter turning activity over the church had increased recently and proved that the PC’s efforts to have the new guidelines enforced were failing.
Cllr.Evans said that the Airport was going to trial a turning height directive of 700 feet (up from 600 feet) at the next appropriate time. This was encouraging but there was the need to monitor it.

-12- Finance: Recent cheques signed –
-117 £55.50 -Biz stationery (Newsletter printing / map enlargement / stationery)
118 £500 -D.Bayley (Clerk’s 6 month sal.)
119 £125 -HMRC (PAYE on above)
120 £136.43 –D.Bayley (Clerk’s annual expenses, detailed)
122 £36 -CPRE (subscription)
Annual donations - It was decided to defer any decision, particularly to the PCC
until a later date. The Clerk to research the status of contributions to the PCC.

-13- Correspondence:
Highways England – notice of 6 week closure of Bamfurlong Lane / M5 overbridge due
to concrete cancer.
Dog fouling quarterly request for information.
Request for interest in Magistrate training
Invitation to next Town/Parish seminar, March 28th
“Tackling Flooding” seminar in London on April 27th
Police & Crime Showcase Event, Barnwood, March 30th.
Defibrillation training… at D.Hatherley Manor on Thursday March 9th. Free event of
about one hour.

-14- A.O.B: A Newsletter had recently been distributed to all homes in both parishes. The main content was a 2-page article, written by Cllrs Evans & Minter about the state of JCS progress and the several huge house-building threats to this area. An appeal for expressions
of interest in becoming a parish councillor was made since both council are operating below their full n umber of 5.

There being no further business or comment from the public, the Chairman hastily closed the meeting at 10.25pm

NEXT MEETING: April 12th (Annual Parish Meeting)

Signed………………………………………………… Date………………………




(1) Present: Ms Nina Dyke, Mr D.Evans(Chairman), Mr R.Fox and 8 members of the public.

(2) Apologies: June Watt, Rick Minter, Philip Awford (County Cllr.), Graham Bocking (Boro’Cllr.)

(3) Members of the Public: No questions.

(4) Chairman’s Opening Remarks: He welcomed Nina Dyke as a co-opted member, and she signed
the Declaration of Acceptance of Office. Sadly, for Cllr. Roger Fox this would be his last meeting
since he was moving away, and he was given a major vote of thanks for his work for the PC and for
Down Hatherley in general. A member of the public rose to say that the community at large would
like to be associated with the sentiments expressed by the Chairman.

(5) Minutes of the Last Meeting:
Signed as correct and had been previously circulated.

(6) Declarations of Interest:

(7) Matters Arising from the Minutes:
Defibrillator training … This had now been arranged for Thursday March 9th, at Down Hatherley Manor, 6 – 7.30pm. There would be no charge and it would be advertised in the forthcoming Newsletters of D.Hath. & Twigworth PC’s & delivered to every home.
It would also be placed on both websites and in the Severn Towers magazine.
Scabbing in DHLane near Dowty corner… Despite some recent pothole repairs the scabbing remained, now well over a year, and would continue to deteriorate. The Clerk to write yet again to Highways.

(8) (9) Borough Councillor and County Councillor Reports:
Not available.

(10) Roads, Pavements and Footpaths:
Need to confirm “Gateway” designs at side of A38,Norton….
The 2 designs would again be circulated to cllrs. Decision to be sent to Highways. It was noted that the broken bollards in the church bend area had been repaired. A member of the public commented on recent damage to several telegraph poles along the 30mph section, noting that the damage outside the Village Hall was quite clearly “more than a 30mph hit”. Lorry Watch signs… Two had been framed by the Clerk to strengthen them but cllrs. still needed to walk in the Lane and decide the best location.
The Clerk was asked to inquire about the correct procedure for reporting lorry weight violations. Repair of local footpaths… A P.R.O.W. (“Rights of Way) team had now installed a kissing gate and improved paths in several locations and effected considerable improvements; remarkably good work in fact. Cllr. Watt was still in the process of arranging for a ‘Community Payback’ working party to give a day’s work. The Village Hall had to be available for the use of facilities.
Closed access from Brook Lane through Orchard Park… Twigworth PC had been told by the management that alternative access, elsewhere, would be made available in due course. But the Clerk was asked to ask PROW to investigate the legal position since although this was a private, never a public, walking route it was used for decades before the Orchard Park site was established.

(11) Planning:
There were no new applications for the council to consider.
Permitted: Woodfold Court: extensions & re-location of entrance to Wood Lane.
Drymeadow (Innsworth) 1363 house application by Hitchins… The developer had now launched
an appeal on the grounds of non determination by the TBC. The PC would continue to oppose
it, one serious ground being the likelihood of floodwater flow directly over the Down Hatherley

NDP: With the draft plan now submitted for scrutiny by the Borough, several objections had been made and by various planning officers. This was more so than expected and cllrs. questioned if there was an element of tactical delay. For clarity, the NDP Chairman was seeking a meeting with the TBC.

JCS: This is the overwhelming topic of concern for local people. The full Borough Council meeting on January 31st could provide crucial decisions over whether Twigworth (and part of Down Hatherley) would eventually be built over. Cllr. Evans said that no one could have worked more tirelessly to retain this vulnerable area as open ground than councillors Awford and Bocking. They were carefully scrutinizing every meeting of planners and the CEO’s comments. There was still great uncertainty and cause for worry. Should any further protest expense be incurred in the near future, cllrs. authorised a further allocation could be made to the NDP account up to £250.

(12) Gloucestershire Airport:
There was still no perceptible noise abatement for arrivals & departures over the parish, but it was a relief to know that sensible procedures were now in place. Apparently the question whether the departure height ceiling be raised from 600 feet to700 feet was still under the Airport’s consideration.

(13) Finance:
Cheques recently signed: 022115 (£72) 6 months’ hall hire for meetings (‘Down Hatherley Village Hall’)
116 (£720) NDP professional advice (‘PJS Development Solutions Ltd.’)

2017 – 2018 Precept request… The clerk presented outline figures of the previous 3 years precept &
annual spend (not including NDP monies). The Chairman made the
point that although a parish of small population, the council was just
about at the bottom of precept request in the Borough.

After a robust debate it was decided on an increase of £400 to £3200.

(14) Any Other Business:


The meeting ended at 8.28pm