Neighbourhood Development Plan NDP


The full NDP can downloaded from the Norton Parish website www.nortonparish.com

Neighbourhood Development Plan for

Down Hatherley, Norton, Twigworth

Your chance to comment on the draft

In the past 5 years the above three Parish Councils have been preparing a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP).
This has involved meetings and workshops for local people and much discussion with planners at Tewkesbury Borough Council. The NDP seeks to protect the area’s rural character and guide some very modest development within Norton and Twigworth, beyond land which is Green Belt. It is a way of influencing the planning of our area at the most local level.

Separate proposals are being discussed for large-scale housing and roads developments in Twigworth and likely spreading into Down Hatherley, under the Joint Core Strategy. These are not finalised and will be subject to political discussion in coming months.

The draft NDP will be ready from 3 November. Residents, businesses and others in the area can give feedback by 15 December.
After the feedback the Steering Group will refine the NDP after considering relevant issues which have been raised. The proposed final version is then assessed by an examiner and when cleared, a referendum is held to see if electoral roll residents endorse the final proposed version or not.

If you know of someone, who does not have access to the web, and they wish to access a copy, please phone:
01452 731743

You can give feedback on the draft NDP in the following ways:

Respond on the downloadable form and email to: dhnortwig@gmail.com

Meet members of the Steering Group on one of the following dates below.
At these ‘drop-in’ events you can discuss the draft, ask any questions, study the key maps, see a full printed copy, and leave any feedback. You don’t need to attend the event in your parish – just select a convenient date if you’d like to come along.

Twigworth Orchard Park Office, 11 Nov 12 - 4pm

Norton Village Hall, 18 Nov  12 - 4pm

Down Hatherley  Village Hall, 29 Nov  4.30-8.30pm

We look forward to hearing from you by 15 December.
Graham Locke, Chair of the NDP Steering Committee dhnortwig@gmail.com

‘Supplementary Information NDPS’ as referred to in the NDP { links to files in index below }

Supplementary Information NDPS6 - Employment stats