Recent Flooding Events

In geological time-scales, Down Hatherley was buried underneath an enormous ice sheet. When the ice receded, a deposit of sandy loam and clay was left behind. It is common to dig up perfectly rounded sandstone boulders and fossilised shells (devil's toenails).

Down Hatherley parish has no flooding issues from fluvial flooding apart from Down Hatherley brook overflowing its banks and flooding Frogfurlong lane – all the water runs down towards Twigworth and Innsworth parishes.

Pluvial flooding caused by prolonged heavy rain can happen anywhere.

In the Great Flood of 2007, some houses were caught out by surface water flooding, and Down Hatherley had no road access. The A38 at St Matthew's, Twigworth was impassable, the low-lying corner at Norton was flooded, and Wainlodes, Sandhurst were disaster areas.

15/06/2016 Twigworth

Wallsworth lane, rear garden, Taylor-Wimpey site


12/06/2016 Twigworth

Flooding at Gloucestershire Enterprise Park


12/06/2016 Twigworth

Flooding at A38 Sandhurst Lane T Junction


Sandhurst Lane at T junction 200m from T junction

and flooded garden near T junction

Twigworth, flooded rear garden and fields beyond (Taylor-Wimpey site).


Flooding Christmas Eve 2013