Village Photographs

We love to get pictures of village activities, especially of craftsmen working.

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Please ensure that you have the permission of subjects (other than those appearing in general background shots) to be on this site.


Village Photographs: Derek, grave-digger for the Seven Towers Churches of the United Benefice


Village Photographs: 20160706: The elusive deer of Down Hatherley


Village Photographs: 20160803: Down Hatherley roebuck


Down Hatherley residents may have heard a noisy garden bird in the past few weeks of summer 2017, with at least one ring necked parakeet visiting our gardens. The RSPB describes the bird as "Britain's naturalising parrot". The photos here, taken on 29 August 2017, show a parakeet in a garden near the church.

The last sighting of a ring necked parakeet in Down Hatherley was around 10 years ago and that bird was seen in various parts of the parish for about a month. The current parakeet was first seen around a month ago (mid July 2017), unless anyone can contact us with earlier recorded sightings?

The ring necked parakeet makes a loud high pitched squeaky call and uses its hooked bill to eat nuts from nut feeders. It is a prolific fruit eater too, and more about its behaviour can be read on the RSPB web link above.

If anyone has seen more than one parakeet at the same time in the village we'd be grateful for the information, so we know whether we have just the one vagrant visitor or more.


Village Photographs: 20171108: Angus bullocks grazing on Twigworth Fields


Village Photographs: 20100107: Cold sheep in the glebe field


Village Photographs: 20180318: The moat at the rear of Down Hatherley Manor Hotel